Are You Ready to go Global? Or National? Or just get a whole lot better known in your home town or industry? 

Dixie (who writes and consults as both Dixie and Maria) only works with authors and entrepreneurs who are serious experts with expectations of being all they can be, and more!   Her clients include CSP Speakers, multi-award winning entrepreneurs, business executives, and best selling authors, trainers, coaches and specialists.

How does it work… That magic combination of skills and knowledge that can take someone from one point of professional expertise to another?  It’s more than just working with people who want big things out of sharing their knowledge.   After all if it was just a matter of writing a book, or doing a Ted Talk, then everyone would do it right?

What Dixie Maria Carlton does is bring a unique combination of skills, networks, and experience from within the professional speaking, publishing, coaching, and marketing industries and ties it together, using the best editors, speaker coaches, publishing partners worldwide to ensure the best opportunities become part of an extraordinary journey for her clients.

Snapshot Examples of Dixie’s Clients’ Success:

  • She is currently working with an international boutique winery owner based in Melbourne, with a French Bordeaux winery selling Cabernet Franc to the USA market – and helped him to win a Silver Stevie Award in Marketing in 2016.
  • Dixie introducted a multi-award winning trainer and keynote speaker  to one of the USA’s top business book publishers and is currently working towards securing a highly sought after contract for a top speaker to work with one of the world’s best known publishing houses.
  • Dixie coached an emerging UK speaker to develop a global brand for his speaking and his book, and within six months he was invited to speak at the MDRT.  Dixie also helped him to secure a major role in an international film alongside Dr John Gray and Marci Schimoff.
  • Dixie helped a top international keynote speaker to write and publish his first book, and secure a multi-city national tour all fully funded by a major client – he’s since gone on to write several more best selling books.
  • Several authors have secured television and other very high profile media opportunities for launching their books – in some cases valued at thousands of dollars in free publicity.
  • Dixie took a software company from relative obscurity to become a worldwide brand leader in it’s specilist field, and assisted it to grow by three hundred percent in only three years.


Dixie has also won several business and publishing awards; authored and co-authored 10 books of her own including a global industry best seller; sold foreign rights deals through the Frankfurt and London book fairs; worked with literary agents; and published nearly 40 books since 2006 for more than 50 authors.

 Dixie does not ‘just help people to write and publish a book’.

“It’s about the ‘before, during, and after’ the book. The book is just a part of the process of becoming an international megastar in your industry.   My team and I can take someone and groom them as speakers, brand them with all the right imagery and marketing collateral, ensure they are styled to fit their brand, and are media savvy so that they stand out among their peers.”

Dixie is also a certified coach and has coached other high performance coaches to be all they can be. She uses that skill to ensure that the process of writing and developing her client’s expertise has all the ‘fuel in the engine’ needed, to avoid procrastination and self sabotage often experienced by those who have big stories to tell.

Dixie Maria Carlton is highly recommended by leading industry and speaking specialists from all over the world, and when you work with her, you’ll understand why 90% of her business is based on referrals.

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