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Let’s focus on your stories… because we all have them.  And sharing our expertise, wisdom, experiences, and articulating these into the kinds of information that helps guide and nurture others through developing their stories is a powerful way to leave a legacy.

Having conversations that help get things done,  resolving big issues, understanding is improved, and connections deepened is my passion.    My vision is to ensure we all get to look back on our lives and get more fullfillment out of our individual stories.    I’m sorry to say there are no happy ever afters for most of us.  A fortunate few perhaps, but fairy tale endings in life are extremely rare.  Instead, focusing on how well we can review our stories, resolve our unfinished chapters and find joy in our individual histories is a skill we can learn. Ultimately, once learned, we can use it again and again to decide whether our lives have been amazing, worth sharing, or still a work in progress.

How do you look back on your own stories?  With gentle care, or do you move quickly past those memories because you didn’t like the outcomes.  How were your expectations met in that last business venture, friendship, relationship?  What would you change?  Are there still chapters to be completed there?

WHAT IF… Happy Ever After didn’t really exist?

What if it’s all a lie?   Maybe some rare people get to enjoy happy ever after… but what about the rest of us?

What if Happy Ever After is simply a perception?   A goal to strive for, but you know deep down that the princess ended up still having to take her prince’s elderly annoying mother to the doctor, or that bills still had to be paid, and kids turned into toads at least once a month for a while…

If that’s the reality, then the only thing we can really change is our perception of what it is, and how we decide to view it.  

So let’s work on that…  and get you feeling fulfillment in your stories… let’s get the final chapters written and edited… and let’s find a way to be totally happy in how you remember the outcomes of all your stories – or at least the ones that really matter!

Because WHAT IF… there’s a lot more ways to have even more Happy Ever After’s throughout your whole life, instead of only believing there’s one to strive for?

Dixie Maria Carlton is the founder of Author-ity Authors, a specialist non-fiction independent publishing company that assists Game Changers, Thought Leaders, and wise old (or young) souls to share their stories, expertise and wisdom mostly through books, but also articles blogs, and from the stage.    With nearly 60 books published by authors from all over the world, Dixie has had the benefit of hundreds of extraordinary conversations, learning from some of the best in the world about various aspects of a wide range of industries and lives lived well.

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Introducing ‘That Sex Book’

Releasing September 2018:

Launching late 2018

It’s a light hearted – although some deeply serious parts – look at what we’re doing after 50, horizontally and vertically, whether married, remarried, single, or dating.   It’s a book about what specific issues we have to deal with as post-menopausal women, post prostate issues, or post mid-life crisis issues in terms of our sexual needs.   It’s about who’s doing what, why, what’s the ‘new normal, and how can we have much better sex and talk more about it too, in our exciting mid years.

That Sex Book is a fireside chat with someone who gets to have a lot of intensely interesting ‘fireside’ chats with men, women, and those of all matrimonial statuses and ages about sex, sexuality, and a host of related tough topics.  Written in a friendly, conversational style, covering subjects including:

  • Attracting, Keeping, or ‘Recycling’ a Partner
  • Condoms, Brazilians, and that Third Date Rule
  • Masturbation, Vibrators, and Spontaneity
  • Pornography, Text Sex, and G-Spots
  • As well as Aphrodisiacs, Seduction, and Intimacy.


In this golden age of intimacy, powerful conversations that actually go places and how we behave is fraught with old rules of dating from the 70s and 80s, coupled with sexuality and coupledom rules from this century.   And we’re all a bit confused over some of these things.   That Sex Book takes the reader on a journey of renewed discovery about what’s still good, what’s new and exciting, and how to get your needs met horizontally and vertically whether in or out of a relationship.

About Dixie Carlton, Author, Speaker, Storyteller

Dixie Maria Carlton is an award-winning author and business person, who created one of the first and most successful hybrid publishing companies in Australasia in 2006.  She has been the driving force behind dozens of top performing and best-selling books by game changers, thought leaders, and story tellers, including Tedx speakers, traditionally published authors, and industry leaders worldwide.  Her own titles include business books, motivational books, and a handful of saucy novels.

Dixie travels extensively speaking and writing about publishing, business, and storytelling, but for now, resides in Brisbane Australia.




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