Book Writing & Marketing Coach

If you are writing, or planning to write a non-fiction book, you may be in need of a book shepherd or book marketing coach.   If so, you are well advised to work with someone who can nurse you through the many options.


Service Options:

The Book Midwife® Coaching Service Options – Bbefore you start writing, consider the option of using this exceptional system to save writing and editing time, by ensuring you are FULLY prepared when you write your BEST Book.    The Book Midwife® has helped hundreds of books be written in only 90 days or less – guaranteed.   For full details about The Book Midwife® services in Australia and New Zealand, please click here.

David Stannard TestimonialBook Shepherd – Helping you through the entire writing,editing, publishing process as a consultant and coach. This is especially valuable for anyone who has already written their first draft, and wants their book to be guided thoroughly through all the pitfalls and challenges of getting published, marketed, and distributed.

Manuscript Review – Non-Fiction only.  A 4 week process of reviewing your completed manuscript that will help you prepare it for it’s final journey through editing and publishing.   Authors can save themselves a LOT of time and angst by working through this process.

Book Marketing Coach – once you’ve published your book, you need to ensure your marketing and distribution are well thought out.

Please contact for details of these services, specify where you are up to in your writing/publishing process, what your book is about, and who your market is intended to be.  

A first 30 minute preliminary discussion about your book is charged at $100, but will be credited against any further services.   Or you could start with reading my e-book – From Idea to Authority if you wish to better maximise our initial conversation.

You may also like to view my video about how to avoid the most common mistakes made by Non-Fiction authors….  HERE

Please contact me before sending any manuscript or overview of the book beyond the details noted above.  

You can phone on +61 4 88318818 or use the contact form here.


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