This was released in March 2014, and follows the story of a young woman in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, who did not wish to follow the traditional path of many other women and settle for being a wife and mother.  Instead, she ran away from home,  became a jazz singer in a downtown club, and had affairs that ended in heartbreak.   Much like any young woman 50 years later, she danced, sang, had a lot of fun, fell in love, and made mistakes in both her love life and career.   However, in the 1930s – 1950s, society frowned upon such wanton ways, and judged women who found themselves without a husband cruelly compared to several generations later.

This story is about a real woman who’s name was Margaret, and who did live well ahead of her time.  It’s a story that delves into the choices forced upon women of that era, and the consequences of not conforming to social expectations of women.


  • Review –  Excellent! I would buy this book. In fact, I’m dying to know what happens to Margaret.
  • I can’t wait to hear the rest of Margaret’s story, I feel I know her already. There is something uniquely New Zealand in the way Dixie shares the story, painting a compelling story of the history shared by many of us whose families were amongst the earliest settlers.
  • Magically woven by authoress Dixie Carlton, ‘Margaret’ is every woman who has experienced the wrath of an overbearing father and the journey of rebellion which follows. A good story is one which causes me to daydream while tending other mundane duties the path of my new friend. ‘Margaret’ does just that, and I find myself turning to her and wondering where her next steps will take us. All the elements of a feature motion picture. Well done Dixie Carlton

Beyond the Shadows

Beyond the Shadows was inspired by the start of a real friendship between two people who had met at the very end of a convention, but a certain spark was ignited.  Neither would ever be able to live closer to the other – but as a writer I was able to get creative about how such a romance could develop into an incredible love affair.  However, many love affairs have challenges and Penny and Erik encountered some extra-ordinary ones in the form of a past lover who just could not let go.

This journey will take you to the south of Italy, a tropical paradise on one of Fiji’s most romantic islands, and to the wilds of Cornwall.  After all – an international love affair means a lot of travel is involved… and perhaps it will inspire you to seek love outside your own postcode.