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Gather together your most interesting material, pull it into a seriously good brochure, catalog, eBook, book, or series of white papers and then Publish It. What ever format is going to work best for you, let’s work on your ability to publish your best advice, your best case studies, or your best stories and share them using a range of easy to digest materials that you can use in your marketing to drive inquiries to your door.

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The Book Midwife® Coaching Services

You can create your book in only 12 weeks from start to finish, being fully ready to publish using the special process developed by Mindy Gibbons-Klein, and tested on more than 500 books. This process is easy, takes a limited amount of your time, and is guaranteed to be your fastest and most direct way to writing an excellent book. More Info here >>>

Book Shepherding Services

If you have already completed a first draft of your book, and want help to get it completed and published, Maria Carlton will personally guide you through the process, ensuring your book is fully ready for publishing, giving you all the options available to you for publishing – including cooperative and traditional publishing – and work with you on a distribution and marketing plan for your book and how you intend to get leverage from being an author.More Info here>>> 

Manuscript Review, Editing and Proofing Services

We can provide you with a full professional review of your manuscript, so that you can finish writing it to final draft stage, as well as directing you to the best editors and proofing options.   Each of these can be a one-off service, or offered as part of the above Coaching or Shepherding services.

Publishing Options

Once your book is ready for publishing, we can walk you through the many options available to you, from self publishing, to traditional publishing, including the very popular cooperative publishing option (an exciting blend of traditional and self publishing).  We can help you decide on your best options for eBook vs printed book, and even introduce you to international publishing companies if they suit your book and your particular requirements.

Maria has helped dozens of authors through the publishing process, and has been directly responsible for more than 40 non-fiction books being published, sold foreign rights to other publishers, and worked with literary agents. More Info here>>

Book Launch?

Sometimes a book launch can be very beneficial and give you extra exposure to your market, and even the media. We can help with all aspects of your book launch, whether it’s an online event, live media/client invited PR event, or something in between.

Happy Book Authors

A small example of books published by Maria Carlton’s company Maruki Books Ltd


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