Writing a Book?

The best and most cost-effective way to make yourself ‘famous’ to your target market is to write a book – not just aPDF e-book downloadable from your website, although these are also highly prized by many, I mean a real book that features on Amazon, sits on coffee tables or is found in book shelves and resides in the hands of people who want to know things. A book that positions you as a knowledge merchant, thought leader, or infopreneur.  Write and publish a book that readers can go through with a highlighter and make some notes about all the things they need to come back to or follow-up on from the information they gather from the pages you wrote. The kind of book that lovers of it can loan to friends, or even better, recommend to everyone.

Before you go any further… Please note the following: I DO NOT offer a quick fix option, 48 hour or 7 day options, or any make any kind of promises about how quickly and easily you can become a published author with real credibility and ‘author-ity’.  My processes are exceptional, deep, thorough, and aimed at serving people who really want to invest in a quality book and publishing it, promoting it, and using it to get serious leverage on their expertise. 

My services include:

Author/Publishing Coaching – How to get started, make it to the finish line, and then work through the many publishing and distribution options open to you.   From basic hand-holding through to full service and availability with your coach, there’s a service option that is sure to fit with your needs and budget.

Manuscript review – If you’re already well on your way with your manuscript but are not quite ready for publishing, a full manuscript review could mean the difference between selling your book and seeing it sit in the corner of the garage gathering dust.   This is an investment that will provide you with objective insights into what’s working and what’s needing more work in your book before you invest in expensive publishing and editing options.

Ghost Writing – for authors who are hesitant to write their own copy, a ghost writer can get you well underway with your book. I’ve ghost written for several book authors and many article writers.  This is a service well worth exploring fully – but be aware – there’s a lot more to it than you might think.  Let’s talk!

Editing Assistance – There are two types of editor: a content editor, and someone who does proofing a final manuscript. Many authors get these mixed up to the detriment of their finished product. I have contacts with several top editors around the world who have outstanding expertise in working with various genres.

Publishing Assistance – As a publisher of more than 40 books since 2007, I have learned a lot about the many options available to authors of Non-fiction books.  I have an association with Panoma Press in the UK that may lead your manuscript directly to the best range of options to suit you and your book for global exposure. Or I can assist you in a totally independent self publishing coaching service.  Your book needs to be ready for publishing – first let’s get you through the writing stages, and then to the publishing stage.  Doing both of these well will bode well for the final outcome of your book.

Please note – I’m proud to say that 99% of all my business in the last 3 years has been based on repeat or referral by very happy clients.   I welcome your inquiry, but please note that I only work with committed authors who really want to work on high quality output. 

Self publishing is one thing, but understanding how to get your book to market, and have it promoted and talked about is another. Plus your book needs to be properly designed, edited and groomed to suit your market. A book shepherd does this with you.

So – before you even start – learn some of the secrets to getting published from a top professional publishing coach.

This could save you a small fortune in lost time, mistakes due to lack of knowledge about the publishing industry, and misinformation about printing vs online publishing, distribution and marketing options. 

You may also like to download my new E-Report ‘ Publishing FAQ’s Answered – which is packed with things you need to know to avoid expensive learning curves in your decision to self publish a book – AND IT’S FREE.

Or you may like to invest in a copy of Idea to Authority – my new ebook that walks you through the steps of starting to write a book all the way to publishing options you might like to consider.

 If you are thinking about writing a book, let’s talk at the start of your project – contact me for advice and guidance to ensure your learning curve is not too steep!

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PS – if you’re writing a book, and are not yet using Scrivener – you’re going to want to check this out…


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