Author Specific Resources

Welcome – and here’s a dedicated list of resources and links for you if you are writing a book. 

  • Yes they’re FREE – but please refrain from sharing them with others.
  • YES – I would love to get feedback in order to continue developing and refining these over time.

Starting with… a simple checklist to keep you on track for production (publishing) of your manuscript!

How about some articles – some of my best advice for authors…

And a Marketing Map for promoting yourself once your book is written.

The Author’s ToolKit!

YOUR GOLDEN opportunity to start using one of the best Writing tools there is – Scrivener.  This is a particularly well designed piece of software that you can use to develop your manuscript, write it, refine it, and then save it, finally producing it FINISHED and READY to upload to Amazon without haivng to mess around with additional formatting.

Remember in the Book Idea to Author-ity I talked about a map for laying out and planning your manuscript? Well Scrivener even takes care of that for you too – check. this. out!

This is the very best program I’ve ever encountered for authors – and this link will take you to a short but intensely clever and well thought out training program as well as the link for you to download it yourself.  I cannot recommend this highly enough – it’s simply a brilliant tool for authors.

Here’s the Link: Get Scrivener & Learn Scrivener Fast

Set aside an hour or two (that’s all you’ll need) to review the basic training videos to get you started – then you can improve your skills further to maximize the use of it of course.

And please keep checking back – there will be uploads, resources, and more tools added to this page regularly.

And – I’ll be sharing tips on Acing Amazon soon too – so stay tuned for that!


PS – Want to know the very best way to beat writer’s block?  Just write!

Happy Writing!


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