Get Ready to SHINE in 2013

Hey speakers, authors – are you emerging, established, or just thinking about being a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT?   Are you already starting to look at your calendar for next year and consider your bookings, what you want to do, where you want to be, how much you wish to earn?

Then listen up because this could be the most important decision you make this month…

But first, my best advice to you is DON’T WAIT until NEW YEAR to take action on writing or publishing a book, or sorting your website, or planning your speaker calender, or reviewing your marketing!

Instead, start thinking seriously about all that now!  Get busy, and get planning!

The best time to start attending to all these things is through the quieter months of summer when the training courses and workshops, conventions and key note opportunities are on hold.  (At least that’s the case in the Australia, NZ region).

Summer is THE BEST time to update everything and ensure you are TOTALLY READY TO SHINE in 2013.  And to help you get going, I’m offering a half day workshop to ensure you really are READY TO SHINE.

Details are here or Registration specifics and sign up option is here

But this is only a part of what THIS blog is about today.  You see, I’d love to have you on my workshop, I really would.  But even before you get all carried away and decide to sign up for this (and if you do, then please take advantage of my great Early Bird special rate by 20th October) consider these three questions: 

1) If you had ONLY ONE speech to give, or one book to write, for the rest of your life, what would it be about?

2) Is that the same thing you are currently talking/writing about?

3) What is the most critically important thing you feel you would like to share with someone (a child, friend, even a stranger) that would help them live  better life, achieve *?* more easily, or help them make sense of your lessons better?

Now’s a great time to really consider whether you are speaking and writing about what’s most important to you.  I ask my coaching clients these questions a lot and invariably this takes us on a journey of more indepth consideration about what’s really driving them to be professional infopreneurs and professional experts.

So even before you sign up for my workshop – and I really would love to have you there – do consider these things.
Then – think about what it might be like working with someone (like me) even for just a few hours, to help bring out the very best you for sharing.

Not everyone works with a coach – especially a writer or publishing coach – mostly I’ve found this is because there are very few of us around and so we’re like a ‘secret’.  And let’s face it, we’re a nation of ‘Let’s see if I can just do this myself first anyway’ types. But a book shepherd who also has extensive experience and knowledge of marketing and the speaking industry is rare indeed – but that’s me, and I want to share my expertise with you to help get you busy, and bloody brilliant next year! 

Seriously, if you want to get focused and productive fast, and start bringing your best you to the spotlight in 2013, this is a limited and exciting opportunity.  So please take advantage of me.

I have to stress here that I usually take a very strong directional move away from ‘selling’ anything on my blog, but you see MY most critical message, book I’d write, speech I’d give if I only had one left to give (as per my 3 questions above) is about helping amazing professional experts like you to get really busy maximizing your ability to communicate your message to your market.

The WORKSHOP is on Monday 5th November – Brisbane and repeated Monday 26th November in Brisbane.   Details and times are on the link below.

OK – so  here are THREE options for you now.

To register for either of these dates – click here:

Or to sign up HERE for the FREE webinar next week and learn more about the programme as well as getting LOTS Of great tips and ideas about publishing and speaking – as well as how Social Media fits into your marketing as a professional expert.

Or – you can head to the page on this site that explains a LOT more about the whole programme – HERE

Remember – SUMMER is the BEST time to Get Ready to SHINE in 2013 if you are  serious about having a GREAT business year next year. – and I’m here to help you do exactly that!  


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