How to Write a Book

Nearly three years ago I sat down and started writing a book called ‘how to write a book’.   This loose title was eventually evolved into the same name I trademarked for my online community, training programs and a few articles, Idea to Author-ity® which is about how one might go from having a great idea, all the way to becoming a leading local or global authority on the subject.

Along the way as I wrote this book, I went through the many things that authors experience, like writers cramp, stuck thoughts, information overload, and masses of self doubt.   It’s odd to realize that self doubt is common to everyone who writes – whether it’s because we worry that our book won’t be ‘good enough’ because maybe there’s a bigger or better expert on the same subject waiting to pounce on our work and criticize it, or that we fear it’s not quite perfect enough to be ready for publishing or other things that just get us stuck sometimes.

My dog Zak was my constant companion through the writing of this particular book, and as I tend to talk out loud about my concerns at times, it was great having a friendly – albeit ignorant – ear to talk to.  He would nod and reassure me that I was on the right track and to keep going.  But no matter how much we might fumble and stall along the way towards creating a masterpiece of literature, or in this case, a simple book that explains how to write a book, when the book is finally ‘finished’ the hard work begins. 

when the book is finally ‘finished’ the hard work begins

The getting a manuscript over the line to make it readable, friendly, useful, wanted and finally appreciated by  the market it is intended for is filled with potholes and many of them deep and expensive.   I wrote this book simply to help anyone who is not completely familiar with the process of writing, marketing, publishing and distributing a book to avoid as many of those potholes as possible.

And then to be able to get some leverage on your expertise as an author and speak about it, promote your book from the platforms and training rooms open to you as an author-who-speaks.

So I’ve finished it – and I’m pleased to say I’m glad it’s done and can start to help the many people I meet every year who ask for help with their idea for a book, or to help with their publishing of a manuscript.  This is a collection of all that you need to know to be able to write, publish, market your book and go all the way from Idea to Author-ity®

Enjoy it!

Maria Carlton



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