Present It

Did you ever attend a presentation where the speaker used Power Point and read off every slide, and there were only 329 of them, said the same phrases over and over to the point of absolute annoyance, told jokes that were lame or inappropriate, or that had half the audience either falling asleep, visibly yawning, or tapping their feet impatiently before getting up and leaving anyway?

Sadly, it happens a lot – and it’s not until you see a real professional presenter in action that it really strikes you just how awful some of them can be.  You don’t want to be that guy/gal!  Ever!

You don’t have to be – and your staff don’t have to bore the pants of people if they are also put in a position of having to verbally represent your company either.

Speaker Training and Executive Presentation Coaching

Work with Maria Carlton to overcome nerves, learn how to use white boards, flip charts, and power point effectively, stand in your power in front of any sized audience, and bring the art of natural story telling into your presentation.  Be memorable for all the right reasons.

” Maria has provided personal coaching to assist my presentation skills, particularly speaking engagements in front of groups. I’m so pleased to report that I gave my first presentation today since working with Maria, and successfully delivered our message without a hitch… AND my audience remained ‘awake’ and engaged the entire time! Thanks Maria, you are a fantastic coach, and I look forward to continued learning and personal development, you’ve provided real value.l”  Karen Huckstep – Business Development Manager, IVS, NZ

Management Presentation Training Program details here

Image Development & Branding

Does your image need an update, do your branding collateral and handouts match the image you are trying to convey to your market?  Do you just need a great professional make-over, photos, and handouts redeveloped? We have access to some of the top photographers, image consultants, and designers you could ever wish for and can project manage your makeover (both your personal one if needed, and your materials makeover).

Communication Workshops

If your staff need to learn more about business communication as part of your marketing strategy, or to increase productivity through diminishing mis-communication and optimizing positive communication methods, Maria Carlton offers both one and two day intensive workshop for companies.  This includes written, email, texting, inter-personal communication strategies. More Info here>>


If Video production is a core part of your marketing strategy, from online demonstrations, direct to camera, or promotional videos, we can assist with providing film and editing experts, scripting and styling your video and post production.

However you need to Present It, Maria Carlton & Co can assist you to get it done well, and help you to be memorable for all the right reasons when ever you need to be in front of an audience, of any size.

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