Welcome to the special page created exclusively for listeners of Ben’s Action Radio show. If you are here, you’ll have already heard my interview with Ben about how to write a book, and why it’s important to plan it well before even starting to write your book.   Once you’re underway with writing, then you have to produce it, market it, and get it to the hands of your intended readers.  It’s a long process, but done well will assist you in ways other marketing tools can not.

For example – an author, has Author-ity on a subject.  The the perception of your market.   So why would you not write a book if you feel that you have more than enough knowledge to hold a conversation about your subject with someone who (might usually pay you for that knowledge and advice) for at least a couple of hours?   If you really want to remind people that you know your material, and are therefore in your opinion the best solution provider for your target market’s needs, then putting a book on the table is an ideal way to help position you as an expert in your industry.

So here are SIX golden rules for writing a book that will help to attract more business:

1) Plan your material well – but don’t try to put EVERYTHING into ONE book,  Your first book is just a good taste of what you know – a short sharp book (approx. 60 A4 pages is a reasonable size).

2) Know what your target market most wants to know – what do you get the most questions about socially or when networking when you say you are a …(?)

3) Get someone who is also an authority in your field, or clients who have hugely benefited from your work to write short endoresments about you and ask them to review your book for comments you can use to promote it.

4) Use the services of a very good editor – not just a friend who is good at spelling/an english teacher – to edit your book professionally.  (More about why this is important in my book Idea to Author-ity)

5) Use social media to promote your book even before you launch it.  Tease your readers with excerpts,  special  pre-order specials, and review comments.

6) Use a good designer to create your cover page, and a good typesetter to do your formatting and layout.  This might be one and the same person, or two service providers – just don’t try to do this yourself using Word.

Your first book will be a massive learning curve, but you can reduce the stress and expense of the curve by using the services of a good book shepherd, or publishing coach.  You’ll find lots of great ideas, helpful templates and wise advice in my book Idea to Author-ity, and I encourage you to review some of the helpful topics in my Blog too.

If you need any extra help, let me know – CLICK HERE to access my contact page.

And happy Writing,

Maria Carlton

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