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Maria Carlton is now the Licensed Book Midwife® in Australia and New Zealand – for details, please click the logo above.

For several years I helped publish and market dozens of non-fiction books, including several of my own titles, and some excellent collaborative titles.  Under the name Maruki Books Ltd, I specialised in the non-fiction self-publishing (or as it is now known – Collaborative Publishing) model.  A big part of the non-fiction/collaborative publishing concept of marketing involves working with authors who either were already professional speakers or who wished to enter that world of getting paid to speak to audiences who appreciated their wisdom. (I’ve since moved on from Maruki Books and now work mostly from Australia as an independent publishing coach).

I’ve learned about the world of the professional speaker and the publishing industries in all it’s quirks and challenges.  Since 2012 I have been doing less publishing, and mostly focusing on coaching authors and speakers on exactly where these two sides of the experts industry lie and how professional specialists and in many cases small business entrepreneurs too, can maximise their talents, knowledge, and ability to share their wisdom.

For Speakers – As part of being an author of non-fiction, you really need to know how to work the media, be interviewed, and present to groups, audiences of any size.  I can assist you with this to get you started, and also have associations with highly regarded image consultants, media trainers, and speaker coaches I can refer to you for specialist areas you may wish to work on.

David Stannard has recently been awarded a Silver Stevie Award for Marketing <5M category based on using his books as a primary marketing tool!

For Authors – If you are still at the PRE-Writing or Early Planning stages with your book, then please check out the Book Midwife® options via this link.  If you have already started, are well underway, or have completed your manuscript, then you may like to consider my total book shepherding service from Idea to Author-ity® which is aimed at helping authors to write, publish, and market their books and also themselves as part of the process of being published in what ever form that takes.  (ie, collaborative or traditional, online or in printed format).  This is usually a 3-6 month process and includes helping established and new authors to make good connections with publishers and specialists to help them in their publishing aspirations.

I have worked with Penguin and Hay House authors, and assisted one top Australia’s best selling author/speakers to break into the USA market via a traditional publishing company and have a very clear understanding of what is required by all publishing options currently available.  I’ve also negotiated and sold foreign rights manuscripts for authors based in NZ and Australia, as well as having attended three international book fairs.

If you need help to get your expertise published and help you become a recognised expert in your field, then I can work with you to make your manuscript come alive, and help you to use your published book to increase your leverage in marketing your expertise to your market – locally and internationally.

My latest book is about what you need to know about publishing or being published and how to get leverage on their expertise as a published author is Idea to Author-ity and is available now.

If you would like to have help writing your book in 2014, I’ll be taking a writer’s retreat in June, offering regular coaching and book shepherding services and more information is available here.

For additional information on getting started, please check out these videos: 

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